Hello and welcome to Dial a Stylist, your mobile hair styling and aesthetic service providers. We pride ourselves on making one person at a time look and feel beautiful about themselves. Psychological studies show having your hair done is one of the best remedies for a speedy recovery when it comes to good health and the pursuit of happiness. Our goal is to make every client feel fresh, clean and emotionally better about themselves, states JP Pampena, the man with the vision. He started the service 37 years ago when he himself began having eye problems. Unfortunately by the time he turned 26 years of age he became completely blind and felt robbed of his future. He went into such a deep depression, and within a year he ballooned to 375 pounds. He was so overweight that he broke his mother’s bathroom scale. The fear of facing darkness for the rest of his life was scary. He completely stopped looking after himself. He didn’t bathe for weeks on end, nor look after his grooming needs. He was an emotional mess. It seemed like he was giving up. But with the strength and support of his family, and closest friends, he began to slowly come out of his depression, and with the good grace of God here he is today, 37 years later, he has overcome his blindness and adjusted well to living in the dark. He is healthier than ever, he works out every day and his grooming and hygiene standards are impeccable. Thanks to his talking computer he is able to work and live a productive life. He reports to his North York office, where he not only inspires his staff but also enjoys interacting with all his clients.


He and his amazing team of beauty professionals continue to provide thousands of clients of all ages and genders with a full range of mobile hair styling and aesthetic services. Since 1980, “Our service has visited more than a half a million appointments throughout the greater Toronto and surrounding areas,” states Mr. Pampena who is now 60 years of age”.

Our entire team of hygiene specialists brings all the equipment and products necessary to provide our clients with a high quality of service at a reasonable rate. Our prices start at $45.00, and in most cases, we are able to provide service within a 4-hour window. The service is also tax deductible for seniors and the disable depending on their annual income.

Our team of stylist is all licensed and certified professionals who are governed by the public health department inspectors. Thanks to the greatest clients in the world, and the hundreds of amazing health-care workers/agencies who refer our service to their clients/patients Dial a Stylist has become the leaders in the industry. We are the pioneers who started it all 37 years ago.


   Our service has also received the 5-star consumer service awards for setting the gold standards when it comes to service excellence.


In closing, if you know of someone who can use our service, please feel free to share the service and the founders’ story with them.


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