Welcome to Dial a Stylist, Toronto’s largest Hair Styling, Hair care and aesthetic mobile service providers. Employing beauty salon certified stylists on call in areas all over Toronto. We are the pioneers who started it all 37 years ago. We are expanding our service throughout different parts of Ontario, and now offering the general public the opportunity to invest in a Dial a Stylist home-based marketing franchise system. Perfect if you’ve been thinking about starting up a part-time business of your own, Or if you are considering investing in a great idea, we could be in your future in more ways than one. As a Dial a Stylist franchise ambassador you do not need to leave your job to hire employee’s or inherit any extra outside rental expenses. In fact, once you find out how headache free our system is you will definitely want to invest in the growth of our future.
   You do not need to have any marketing experience or need to be a beauty salon stylist or open a professional Beauty salon to share into the millions of dollars of profits the baby boomer industry promises to deliver. Other than your initial franchise licensing fee, all you need is access to a computer, a mobile phone, and the passion and drive to succeed. We will teach you the rest! How to market, promote and develop your franchise system regardless of your location. Our system has been designed to help you build lifetime residuals for you and your family, just like the founder did.

   We’re not sure whether you’ve had a chance to read his story on our about page if you haven’t you really should. IF he was able to succeed with all his challenges, you should do even better. Dial A Stylist has been providing a full range of mobile hair styling, hair care/hair cut and aesthetic beauty salon quality services to all ages and genders since 1980, especially to the seniors and the disabled market. We do it better than anyone else. We are the leaders of the industry for the past 37 years. The beauty of being a Dial A Stylist franchise ambassador is it gives you the opportunity to earn income while at the same time, helping society by providing a valuable and necessary service to those families with loved ones who can’t get them out to the salon. For more details on becoming a Dial A Stylist mobile hair styling beauty salon franchise ambassador without any obligation, please feel free to click on the button provided


  7 good reasons to consider becoming a Dial A Stylist Franchise Ambassador.


 1. Our Franchisees are granted unlimited territorial licensing rights anywhere in North America.


 2. Our Franchisees can receive monthly dividend payments from our system.


 3. Franchisees can benefit from future revenues from areas we open across North America.


 4. Franchisees will also receive a complete marketing kit to help promote and expose Dial A Stylist to the hundreds of government healthcare agencies who look after the elderly and disabled market.


 5. We reward Franchisees who come up with new, innovative and fun ways of marketing and promoting the service to the elderly and the disabled.


 6. Learn from the pioneers who started it all 37 years ago. We have the experience, reputation, and credibility by offering ongoing support, guidance, and direction to all.


 7. The best reason of them all, Franchisee’s will have access to a full business team of corporate people who will be running and managing the day to day operations of the business. For instance,
Our Corporate Team.


and Stylistcertified eauty Salon  A. A Human resource department to recruit and hire Baestititions.


 B. A centralized appointment desk phone number to schedule and look after all appointment bookings.


 C. A client care department to look after our quality control interests.


 D. A marketing team to come up with new and innovative marketing ideas to help enhance the brand.


 E. An award winning PR department to help you create a design and organize beauty exhibits or shows As well as to come up with some publicity opportunities for our concept.


 F. And the most important of them all become a part of our amazing award-winning hair styling and aesthetic service family who take a great deal of pride making one client at a time look and feel beautiful about themselves.


  In a nutshell, our job is to train, teach, manage and generate profits from our service department and provide ongoing support to all, so give us a call and let’s see if a Dial a Stylist marketing franchise system is in your future in more ways than one.


Local, 416-630- 5001

Toll-free, 1-800- 863-2887

 Ask to speak to the founder JP Pampena himself. 

Or E-mail with your questions here

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