A Campaign that has allowed us to be able to send our stylists to visit the Homes & Care Giving facilities...of the Elderly and Disabled battling Depression and with mobility issues.
 We believe every person should be entitled to look and feel beautiful about themselves we feel the Elderly men and women who built this country should not feel alone and worthless, nor do we want them battling depression, so we do all we can and touch as many as we can. The disabled who cant go to salons should also enjoy self-confidence. We continue to have tremendous success, every year is better than the last because of the generosity of our rapidly growing and kind-hearted Dial A Stylist family! 

   The Holiday Season is just around the corner, what better time than now to bring Happiness, Confidence and a reason to feel good about themselves again while they are going through a time where the luxury of mobility is getting harder and harder! These are our Grandparents, Mothers, and Fathers…The same ones who would stop at nothing, "walk uphill both ways" to get to us if we had a runny nose, or to those that have conditions that restrict them from being able to go out, do something for themselves when they need to be uplifted. People with disabilities that deny them the simple pleasure of proper hygiene or their disability makes it hard to sit in a stylists chair at a beauty salon. We believe everyone should be able to look and feel good about themselves and we want to help as many as we possibly can!  


Every donation made goes into a pot until the cost is reached for one of our elderly or disabled members of our family to be visited by one of our stylists. 

   We are once again reaching out to everyone in the Dial A Stylist family and friends and their families to help the Elderly or a Disabled person with mobility issues with their hygiene needs if you can. Sadly enough government programs continue to affect communities in a BIG way due to a lack of funds and programs for those who are in need. This is why we ask for your help. In our industry, some of our hygiene specialists have found some of the most vulnerable people living alone with lice and fungus in their hair. (Our Elderly and Disabled deserve better than that) It’s not only sickening but sad to see!  We guarantee that 100% of your funds will be spent to provide our elders and disabled with mobility issues with a full range of hairstyling or aesthetic services regardless of their age, gender or race or disability.

 Hello and welcome to Dial A  Stylist's outreach Campaign for the Elderly & Disabled with Mobility issues

   So on behalf of a Depressed senior or disabled person life please help us make a difference in their lives by putting a smile on their face. Oh and by the way help us spread the word. Share our service with your friends and family members, or why not give the gift of style to one of your loved ones. For more information feel free to give us a call at 416-630-5001 or toll-free, 1-800-863-2887 and ask for Ext. 309.


 Gina Reed 
Fundraising Ambassador 

Thank  You!! For taking part in our Campaign

please help us help more of those in need & tell your Friends & Family

When making your donation input amount only .. for example 

$20.00 Donation

input as 20, not 20.00

Thank you for your donations

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